3 Simple Steps To A Leaner You – Dan Haralambous (Personal Trainer)

1) Drink more water


Our bodies are made up of around 60% so simply put the more hydrated you are the better you work! In terms of fat burning it’s our liver which metabolises fats for energy and like other bodily functions, if it’s dehydrated it isn’t working as efficiently as it could be!

But take caution and don’t drown yourself to meet your quota! Sip continuously throughout the day stopping an hour or 2 before bed so as not to disturb your sleep. If you are very active also consider electrolytes as it takes more than water to replenish the lost electrolytes in your body following exercise.

2) Eat more vegetables


Very calorie sparse, very filling, very good for you.. Simple! If you struggle to count calories, increasing your vegetable intake can drastically reduce your calorie input and better yet it will still keep you satiated to help reduce bouts of hunger.

But take caution and be selective of which vegetables you eat, whilst for a healthy diet you may be recommended a rainbow of vegetables, certain root vegetables such as parsnips, potatoes and swedes rank very highly on the glycemic index READ HERE. Instead stick to dark leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, Kale, spinach etc.

3) Up your protein


Protein has the highest thermogenic effects of all the macro nutrients READ HERE. Simply put, the higher the proportion of protein in your diet, the higher your calorie output.

But take caution and don’t overdo it. Your protein intake should be relative to your activity level, muscle mass and type, if any, of exercise. The more active the individual, the more muscular the physique, the more damaging the exercise the higher the protein requirements. Aim for between 1-3 grams per KG of body weight. Also you will only burn more calories if the proportion of protein is higher rather than the total amount. Adding extra protein to your diet won’t change your calorie in- calorie out balance, but replacing other macro nutrients with protein will!

Dan Haralambous

Fully qualified Manchester based Personal Trainer with CYQ Level 2 Gym instructor and CYQ Level 3 Personal trainer qualifications


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