I frequently get asked the same question over and over again. What’s your body fat? or How much body fat do you have? I always reply with the same answer. I don’t know and more importantly, I don’t actually care. The fact of the matter is, I judge myself on how I look and feel. Each of us are different, we all carry body fat differently, my 7% body fat will look completely different to your 7% body fat. It really is just a number, just like the scale. ITS JUST A NUMBER.

Having said that, I would strongly recommend keeping track of both body fat and weight amongst other measurements. To answer the question, measurements ARE IMPORTANT. One measurement alone is not.

The reason is, data! Having all the data we can measure is a huge advantage when it comes to hitting goals. It allows us to track the TREND, the trend in our body fat or weight, the trend in our leg or arm measurements for example. This trend, over time, will allow you to accurately track your progress or lack of and help you make a better placed judgement when it comes to changing things. It’s another fantastic tool you should be using to ensure you’re on the right track.

So, stop obsessing over one measurement or one number alone and start looking at the bigger picture. There’s nothing wrong with being committed and dedicated to your goals but do it in a smart way.

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