CONSISTENCY (WARNING: this word or a variation of it will be used a lot ?) . Being consistent is, in my opinion, key. Not just when it comes to training but with life in general. Here are a couple of reasons why it’s important.
1? Until you have done something for an extended period of time, in a consistent way, how will you know if it’s effective or not? Keeping things, in terms of training, consistent, allows you to figure out if what you’re doing is working. Only when you have been consistent and not had results, should you consider changing things up.
2? It will help you get into and keep in a routine. Getting up early to hit the gym isn’t always easy but the more you do it, the more CONSISTENT you are, the easier it becomes or even going to the gym straight from work after a long day can be tough but again, the more you do it, the more CONSISTENT you are, the easier it will become. Having a well established ‘life routine’, so the times you train and eat etc keeps you accountable.
As soon as consistency is consistently practiced I can guarantee the results will quickly follow. I have consistently trained and ate right for a consistent period and I believe this is the reason why I consistently surpass the goals I set and I believe YOU can do exactly the same!

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