3 Simple Steps To A Leaner You – Dan Haralambous (Personal Trainer)

1) Drink more water Why? Our bodies are made up of around 60% so simply put the more hydrated you are the better you work! In terms of fat burning it’s our liver which metabolises fats for energy and like other bodily functions, if it’s dehydrated it isn’t working as efficiently as it could be!… Read more

Healthy Snack Options – Ode2fitmas 6 – by Rachel

If you are throwing a Christmas party or having friends round, keep the Calories down and the flavour up with these alternative snack options. Shop Bought Metcalfes Skinny Popcorn. One of my favourite snacks, light and super tasty, everyone loves popcorn right.  Suitable for film nights or party snacks it is a great alternative to traditional… Read more

The importance of protein – by Matt Roberts

I’ve been helping people with their exercise and nutrition for over 20 years now and one thing I always set a precedent on is helping them find ways of keeping their diet varied and nutritious with a wide range of healthy foods. Sticking to the basics is always something I like to stress and one… Read more

Christmas Fitness Gift Ideas

Yes, We are still one-month-or-so away from Christmas, but if you want to get yourself organised, read on! Here are a few gift ideas for those who love keeping fit, staying healthy, or always looking for a new challenge!   A new set of Dumbbells. Something they can use at home! A Personalised Training Program… Read more

The 7 Drawbacks Of High Blood Sugar – by Carl Turner

The 7 Drawbacks Of High Blood Sugar High blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, occurs when the body is unable to properly process insulin levels or doesn’t have enough insulin. Those who have high blood sugar, whether long or short term, may experience a number of drawbacks that can range from mild, moderate, to severe. Living with… Read more

Can a daily teaspoon of turmeric help prevent cancer? by Laura @ Tilt Nutrition

For thousands of years turmeric has been used in Indian and Ayurvedic medicine to treat cuts, sprains and swelling.  Around the 1940’s, scientists worked out that the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits were down to curcumin – the pigment in turmeric responsible for it’s bright golden hue. So far so good. Turmeric or curcumin? The problem however, is harnessing… Read more

Sunday night smoothie bags – by Laura @ Tilt Nutrition

Smoothies are great as a speedy breakfast or post workout snack, plus you can sneak in a couple of portions of fruit, a handful of veg, some healthy fats or an anti-inflammatory spice like turmeric or cinnamon. Despite being easy to throw in the blender, some mornings you don’t have time to chop fruit or find the… Read more

Hunger- Understand hunger and how to manage it – by Spencer @ STORM Fitness

Hunger If you have recently started trying to lose weight there is a good chance that hunger has become a factor and if it hasn’t yet it soon will be. Whether you are adhering to a set of macro targets or just reducing your intake there may be times when you feel hungry. This is… Read more

‘Strength & Conditioning’ or ‘Physical Performance’ Coaches? By Mike @ mcgurnelitesport

The role of the Strength and Conditioning coach has changed dramatically over the last number of years and it got me thinking.  I often wonder does the title S&C coach do justice to the duties we carry out?  I had a recent conversation with 2016 NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year Ashley Jones… Read more

The Four Steps to Great Results – by Jack Curtis @ Storm Fitness

You’ve made the decision to make a big change in your life. Great work! You have taken the first step which is often the hardest and that is challenging your previous way of thought and taking the choice to start altering the way you do things. But there’s one issue…you aren’t happy with the results… Read more