Do you eat because you are depressed? Or are you depressed because of what you eat? – by Maria Zaretti

Depression is very common with an estimated 5-10 per cent of the UK population affected to some degree at any one time. It is more typically thought of as strictly emotional or biochemical, but Nutrition can play a key role, contributing to onset of depression and exacerbating its severity. New research by Fulton & Sharma… Read more

Six of the most common nutrition questions for fat loss: Answered – By Chris Lowe

From gaining muscle, losing body fat, choosing the right diet and spot reducing; these are the questions that frequently get asked. So, I thought it would be a good idea to put hand to keyboard and answer them for you.   Here we go; Does ‘this’ diet work? Yes, ALL diets work…..for a period of… Read more

How to do Your First Pull Up – by Georgina @ Fitcetera

Read the original post HERE So if you follow my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you might have seen me put up a video of my first pull up! Ok… maybe it was my second because I asked my coach to film it after I’d managed to get my first one… but that’s beside the point. I… Read more

No to chicken legs!! – by Charlie King

This post is slightly aimed at you boys out there who may have forgotten the importance of leg day over the winter. So our lovely British Isle has graced us with 48 hours of summer so far and of course with that comes at opportunity to FLASH those abs and guns. I hate to sound… Read more

Best Muscle Building Exercises – Compound VS Isolation – by

Choosing your exercises wisely may be the most important decision that you will make. Different people will need to utilise different exercises. We cannot simply say that one movement is better than the other, as the people who are doing these movements do not all have the same goal in sight. Lets generalise something that… Read more

Getting into a gym routine isn’t easy – by Zayd Cox @ Freedom Through Fitness

Getting into a gym routine isn’t easy, most of the time we turn up on day 1 motivated. Then gym gets hard, tiring, time-consuming and we lose motivation. Now and then we have some stupid excuse to miss it one day and one day turns to not coming back for a few months, and with… Read more

Why You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet – by Rachael Attard

No amount of exercise can change your figure or help you maintain a lean body if you eat a consistently unhealthy diet. Trust me, I’ve tried. You can train super hard and get really fit, but if you don’t change your nutrition, your body won’t change. Over the year, lots of people have asked me… Read more

4 Ways To Eat Healthy When Your Family Doesn’t – By Rachael Attard

Having your family onboard (or whoever you live with) will make things a lot easier for you when trying to eat healthy and lose weight. But I know that sometimes this isn’t always the case and the people around you can be a bad influence. Changing your own eating habits is hard enough, without trying… Read more

Does consuming food with Fat make me fat? – by Zayd Cox @ Freedom Through Fitness

  Fat is often strongly associated with weight gain and stored excess fat… Having Fat in your diet does in no way, shape or form mean you will necessarily be overweight or have excess fat. Although too much fat can definitely contribute to obesity, but so can every other calorie you consume and do not… Read more

How to run 5k in record time! by Chris @ TryMFit

 8 ways to PB your 5k race!   These FREE tips will help you run 5k in your personal best time. A 5k race is a great opportunity to get into running, improve your health, raise some money for charity and impress your friends, so why not give one a go? Before you get your… Read more