My chest is by no means big, however, it has improved so much over the last year or so. It has always been my weakest body part, both aesthetically and when it comes to strength. I made a deal with myself to change that and get serious about doing so.

My first decision was to focus on my strength. I knew moving a heavier load would play a big role in improving my chest. I decided to add some chest focused strength training into my routine. I knew that if I did this it would then ‘carry over’ onto my hypertrophy days (see below as an example). A heavier weight being moved more is going to stimulate the muscle more meaning more growth.


Flat Bench Press: 80KG 4 sets of 8 reps (hypertrophy)
Flat Bench Press: 95KG 4 sets of 4 reps (strength)


Flat Bench Press: 87.5KG 4 sets of 8 reps (hypertrophy)
Flat Bench Press: 100KG 4 sets of 4 reps (strength)

So because I had improved my strength it meant I could then lift more on my hypertrophy days leading to more mass being created. Obviously this is just a snap shot and there were other exercises I implemented into the routine.

My next step was to increase the volume and frequency of chest focused workouts. There’s only 7 days in a week, that’s if you look at your ‘training week’ like this. I don’t. Weeks don’t exist to me when it comes to training. By this I mean, I do not limit my training to a 7 day week. Here’s a little example,

3 days of training
1 day of rest
3 days of training
1 day of rest

Doing this means I am not limited to 7 days. I decided to add an extra workout in and increase sets on each chest exercise by 1-2 sets. This gave me the volume and frequency I needed. Here’s an example of how my week looked,

CHEST (Strength)
PUSH (hitting chest mix of strength and hyper)
CHEST (hyper)

I decided to do all this whilst I was in a ‘gaining phase’. I knew to build strength and increase my muscle mass I needed to be in a slight calorie surplus. So, each week I slowly increased my carbs and fats as and when needed. This gave me the slight surplus I knew I needed in a controlled way limiting, but not stopping, fat gain. Increasing calories does mean you will gain some body fat, that’s a given, however, it’s the ‘trade off’ you should be willing to make for the greater good, for the bigger picture and if done slowly over time you limit the amount you gain.

So that was it, I changed and added these few simple things into my routine and I was successful in achieving what I set out to do. My chest is still my weakness but I still continue to work hard to improve it week in week out. That’s another quick point to consider, patience and consistency!! It ALWAYS comes down to these two when reaching goals. If you can be aware of that and are willing to practice both then I have no doubt you will be successful. These little tips can be used to improve any weak body part not just your chest.

The main points
1? Improve Strength
2? Increase volume & frequency
3? Adjust nutrition needs accordingly and when needed
4? The two it always comes down to, PATIENCE & CONSISTENCY

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